Tyler Luttrell

Behaviour Specialist


Tyler achieved his Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at the University of Newcastle in 2020. Tyler is currently completing postgraduate studies in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Field of Work and Experience

Tyler has been working with children and adults with behavioural challenged for just over a year now. Within this time, he has worked with a wide variety of people with varying diagnostic profiles including autism, ADHD, OCD, developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, anxiety and depression, oppositional defiant disorder, and intermittent explosive disorder.

Tyler is specialising in the management/minimisation of challenging behaviours. Tyler is passionate about supporting young people with varying skill deficits and identifying their goals and how they can be achieved. He enjoys implementing evidence-based interventions, such as skill building programs, routines and token economics to facilitate a more engaging and enjoyable daily life outcome.

Aspirations and Personal Interests

Tyler enjoys gaming, pop culture with a special interest in everything DC comics. Tyler loves the outdoors and spending time with friends at the beach and in the snow.